Марина Линчук впервые стала мамой в 32 года

Марина Линчук впервые стала мамой в 32 года

Belarusian 32-year-old well-known model Marina Linchuk at this time became a mother. That she had a girl, a celebrity, he said on his official page in Instagram. Model published the first photo with the baby, but does not comment on it.

The child’s father is Brendan Greene, the son of a prominent businessman, the owner of Topshop. Young people not yet officially legalize their relationship.

Pregnancy Marina was hiding only in the early stages, later on when the belly became visible, she put the photo in instagram and modestly signed “Pregnant in tel Aviv”. It was the month of June and beloved departed to rest in Israel.

Photos Linchuk with the tummy was not uncommon in her blog. My entire pregnancy she continued to lead an active daily lifestyle, attended parties, played sports, met up with friends and very a lot of time spent on travel with your loved ones. Of course, during an interesting situation, the girl had briefly left his career and starred rarely.

About what Brendan green and Maryna linchuk started a serious relationship it has become known in 2015. Young people met at the event in Cannes, after this night, they almost immediately began to live together and till this moment never leave. By the way, the heir to the Topshop under Marina for six years, and significantly below it, but this does not prevent their love. Sharing photos in social networks appear very rarely, as they are not fans to put their relationship on the show, sharing a photo of the pair can be seen only thanks to the paparazzi. However, at all social events they appear together and are very kind to each other.

We wish the young parents patience and health, let the baby happy every day in this world brings only positive emotions.

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