Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери» The graduate of “factory of stars-3” recently got married. Mary Weber was soloist of group “Tutsi”, and now developing his solo career. “StarHit” decided to find out what changes have occurred in the life of the artist during the time when she disappeared out of sight.

      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»

      Mary Weber was one of the brightest participants of the TV project “star Factory-3”. Young actress sang the lyrics of a song and created an image of a romantic girl. Then together with other “manufacturers” began to sing in the group “Tutsi”. But soon she had to sacrifice creative ambitions for the birth and upbringing of his son. Now she remarried and returned to show business. “StarHit” decided to ask the artist about the changes in her life.

      What have you been doing all this time that was out of sight?
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»She has a son. While he was a kid, I couldn’t have him leaving to go on tour. Also during this time I studied in GITIS and to be honest, I thought I won’t sing on stage, I was attracted to the movie. But he began to miss performances. I never stopped writing songs, but he did it more for myself. There was no way they where to promote, and producer. Colleagues kept telling me that I need to sing, I started to send tracks. Chose a song, put it in the rotation, and we decided to make a video for it.—
      For a long time you played in the group “Tutsi”. It is not difficult to work solo?
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»In the team easier, I’m used to. With the girls we talk like close friends. On the stage is not alone fun, even if we had several concerts in a row, still wasn’t tired. While I don’t understand with whom I interact on stage, I’m looking for players, any team would you like to do because I used to work in a team.

      You recently got married. How did a relationship with a future spouse?
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»We met just six months ago. I understand that I very quickly got married, but somehow during those six months, we realized that we want from each other and waited. He made me an offer and I accepted.—
      What did attract you in him?
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»Actions. Nowadays it is difficult to meet someone who would be willing to help selflessly, to do something for you. Sergey for a very short time I felt like I was bewitched, I haven’t even thought about marriage at all, but that’s my life changed love.
      As he you? Probably gave him expensive gifts?
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»It’s not even expensive gifts. Sergei constantly gave me flowers, arranged little surprises, always doing something for me. Best of all – he somehow got hold of all editions of “American idol”, straight to the first series. I was so surprised, it was very nice.

      As the son react to the fact that you are remarried?
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»Oscar is very wise for his age – he will be 10 years in October. I was prepared for the fact that sooner or later the mother will get married, explained that sometimes it happens that the parents do not live together. I understand that the boys still jealous. Oscar took Sergei, found a common language. Husband also treated with full responsibility – I wrote to him without further solicitation.—
      And the husband have any children?
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»He also has a child, a son, but he’s a little older than Oscar. So my husband was easy to approach, he knows how to behave with children, especially with boys.—
      Plan on having another baby?
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»Of course, we really want the child, maybe a girl. “But we still want to enjoy the romance, and then – as God wills.

      Sergei has already turned for Oscar’s authority?
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»It is difficult to say, not so much the time they spend together. Oscar learns, late coming home, so they are not too close contact. My husband is a wonderful character, he can be a great example for my son.—
      Keen son?
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»He is studying in a good school, and enjoys freestyle football studies English and mathematics.—
      Proud that his mother is the singer?
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»Is very proud of. I saw the clip, was delighted, and hugged me.
      Honeymoon you spent together with her husband? Who Oscar left?
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»We had a real honeymoon. The son had a rest in Sochi together with relatives. We talked constantly, he asked: “Mom, you have fun there?” And I said, “No, son, we’re boring – no parks, only a small pool.” After these words, he felt calmer.

      To a second marriage, did you have any serious novels?
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»Novels I didn’t have Oscar with no one acquainted. To be honest, I didn’t even expect to marry, the cross on this set.Thought still a son – what novels. And it is not believed that there are men who will marry a woman with a child, especially a boy. There was some disappointment in men. But I met Sergei, I realized that there are miracles that if you sincerely believe, as I imagine it will come true. I was lucky, as I was thinking deep down, and that was that.—
      Why are you hiding a husband? It is not on any of your photos.
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»He says our family is a star there must be one. Sergei does not like publicity, do not like to be photographed. He is also involved in show business, but not the singer, though, and a musician. He’s more my producer.—
      Do you have some nitpicking to each other, maybe in everyday terms?
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»Global quarrels we have, after all we are not so long living together. I’m very absent-minded, often he scolds me. I can leave and forget to turn off the iron, the stove. Now already get used to live alone, try to control yourself.

      Where do you live now? Are you going to move?
      Маша Вебер: «Мы с мужем мечтаем о дочери»We are now planning the repairs in the house, as a finish, we live my husband is out of town.—
      You are accused of a plastic due to the fact that you have changed in appearance. Do you have used the services of plastic surgeons?
      My face really looks different, I lost a lot of weight. Even I myself look at pictures and understand what has changed. My friends may not know! Sometimes events can get past me. I was just in the “Factory” still a teenager, of course, while the face of the sky, nothing I did. Sometimes makeup does wonders. Often I need to make up lips with red lipstick and will look different. But I confess that the lips I was pumped, because it seemed to me that they are thin. Didn’t want to fall behind fashion. But this is no surprise, in his youth wanted to try. But now wait, when all will resolve. Although, I understand that compared to others, I have all very natural looks, so I’m not to be blamed!