Маша Вебер вышла замуж в элитном гольф-клубе Ex-member of the group “Tutsi” celebrated a lavish wedding, which invited their family and friends. Among the guests of the ceremony were seen Alexander Saveliev, Roman Sarkisov, Anastasiya Kraynova, Irina Ortman and group SEREBRO. The happy couple continue to accept congratulations.

      The former participant of group “Tutsi” Masha Veber combined bonds of marriage with his elect. The ceremony was held at the luxury Golf and country club, located in the Moscow region. This place is popular representatives of show business and businessmen. So, earlier here and got married to the son of Igor Krutoy.

      Since Mary is not one of those stars who are eager to share details of his personal life, her marriage took place in secret from her followers on Instagram. A young woman was represented by followers their mate and announced that soon will change family status. Fans of Weber learned about the happy occasion of the microblogging friends of the singer. “Escort the beauty of marriage,” wrote Olga Seryabkina in social networks. The ceremony also said Lesya Yaroslavskaya. “Mary brought me up, and already the rush for the wedding to his beloved Mary Weber!”, — shared of artiska in Instagram.

      Surprised, but joyful fans Weber showered her with congratulations on social networks. “Miracle news, I’m so happy”, “good Luck, love, happiness, let you all will be at 100%”, “Mashka, partisan, limitless you happiness, because you deserve it,” “Mary, catch every moment of this wonderful day, Wish your feelings were eternal,” — expressed their emotions with the followers of Masha.

      At the ceremony, Weber invited his former colleagues — Irina Ortman and Anastasia Krainov. Besides them, among the star guests of the ceremony were seen Alexander Savelyev from the group “Factory” and SEREBRO, who arranged the guests of the evening hot concert.

      “Masha, Seryozha, I’m happy for you, you fantastic, love you,” wished the newlyweds Anastasiya Kraynova. The happy couple also congratulated stylist Andrew Loos. “Masha, you’re a smart, beautiful, sweetie, be happy, loved, healthy! You deserve all the light and best like no other! I congratulate, the ocean of love and harmony to your family, prosperity and prosperity,” he wrote in Instagram.

      Masha’s wedding went magnificently and solemnly. The artist was led down the aisle by her adorable son Oscar. The singer was dressed in a long white dress with sheer top and sweetheart neckline. Everywhere were placed the letters “S” and “M” in honor of the first letters of the names of newly — married couple- Sergey and Masha.

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