Mary Noise revealed the secret name of the second child

Мэри Шум раскрыла таинственное имя второго ребёнка
31-year-old model Mary Noise recently for the second time became a mother.

Мэри Шум раскрыла таинственное имя второго ребёнка

March 25, 2019 Mary gave birth to a daughter. The birth took place in Bali, where the Noise came with her son and her young man Artem Morozov.

Today, Mary finally spoke, as they decided to call the baby.

“We call the baby.

First a few words about the names in #Bali.

The Balinese have a very interesting story with names is #the name of the Balinese depend on how he was born in a row. The bill is up to four, then the calculation is repeated. The names are the same for boys and girls.

For first child: Wayan (Wayan), Putu (Putu), Gde (Gede) (only boys), Ilah (girls only)
For the second, Made (Made) – from the word, which means “middle”, KADEK (Kadek), Nenga (Nengah)
For the third: Nieman (Bali) – from a word meaning “rest” or “end” (e.g. end of operation) or Komang (Komang)
For the fourth, Ketut (Ketut) is derived from the name of the last piece of banana on a banana brush. Usually this banana is not considered when selling, a kind of bonus.

The meanings of names can be concluded that the ancient Balinese tradition, it was necessary to have three kids, but there are often people from large families with 6-10 children.

To identify the sex of a person when writing is specified, the word “And” (I) for males and “Ni” (Ni) for women. ⠀ All Balinese have an additional “unique” name that is written in the passport together with the “license plate”. But it’s not the name, because usually parents and children have different names.

We decided that since the baby was born in Bali, it is necessary to respect Balinese #tradition, given it traditional for the first child name is Wayan (Wayan).

Ni Wayan Morozova! Yes, sounds strange! Like all new! But when used, it starts like”

– told Mary the story about Thai traditions. However, then, nevertheless, added that the name Wayan is a joke.

“Okay, just kidding! Just wanted to tell you about the names in Bali.

Baby girl we named Luna. With the accent on the U. I Chose the name, which is rare, it sounds softly and gently, which is nice to say. Uncomfortable one in English-speaking countries have a name, and not have to explain to people that the accent on the U. But in Russia will either have to clarify about the accent, either all will call her Luna, which is also good.

So I am now a mother of Space and the moon

P. S. the baby But we still call Lala ))”.

Your post Mary reinforced the image, which is posing in a bikini:

Мэри Шум раскрыла таинственное имя второго ребёнка

Recall that the dad of the first child of Noise – son of the Cosmos – is the photographer Alexander Tikhomirov who left Mary, when the son was a year old. At the shooting for Playboy magazine, which took place in the Maldives, Alexander met with the stylist of the shootings, a former participant of the project “the Bachelor” Radmila Sadykova.

Мэри Шум раскрыла таинственное имя второго ребёнка

18 December 2018 in your Instagram Tikhomirov reported that they Radmila decided to leave:

“I would like to tell you about a new stage in our lives with Radmila. A month ago we decided to go on one. It was a mutual decision and the issue of separation has hung for some time in our relationship. Once we consciously decided to be together, now deliberately broke up. The theme of separation to discuss with subscribers, we will not, the only thing I can say is that our relationship was bright and was moving very quickly. For eighteen months we have: moving, traveling, working…24/7 together. At some point we have perenasytil each other became difficult. Added to this, domestic issues and housing issues. Domestics killed us. The next step was to create a family, but alas, we both to it was not ready. I’ve learned in this relationship, which is incredibly grateful to Radmila and wish her every happiness!”.

Mary admits that Sasha is reluctant to communicate with the Space and money for its maintenance does not translate.

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