Mary-Kate Olsen ready to give birth to Sarkozy

Мэри-Кейт Олсен готова родить от Саркози One of the sisters Olsen can become a mother. This information came from an insider who watched the star at the event Met Gala. The girl refused from alcohol and quit Smoking. Besides, the designer was the outfit completely hiding her figure.

      Мэри-Кейт Олсен готова родить от Саркози

      Foreign media arguing whether the actress and designer Mary-Kate Olsen in an interesting position. The heated debates provoked the appearance of a star in the society in too a free dress and her rejection of bad habits.

      According to insider information, the star appeared on the Met Gala afterparty in a wide dress of Golden hue. Outfit completely hid the figure of a star. According to an eyewitness, Mary-Kate never touched alcohol, even though she usually refuses to drink a few cocktails, and went out on smoke breaks. By the way, the girl was always considered a chain smoker, and the paparazzi have repeatedly photographed one of the sisters Olsen with a cigarette in his mouth. Given these factors, it is speculated that the star is pregnant.

      Recall that Mary-Kate is married to the brother of former French President, Olivier Sarkozy, 2015. Her choice has two children from a previous marriage: 14-year-old son Julian, and 12-year-old daughter Margot.

      It was rumored that Olsen gets along well with teenagers. Taking care of children, Olivier contributed to the development of parental qualities in the actress. According to the environment of the pair, she would make a great mother. Olivier knew that he wanted to have with Mary-Kate kids, however, the designer was for a long time is not ready, as I didn’t want to leave the work on the collections of its own brand “The Row”. Besides, the star had to reconsider their habits: stop drinking alcohol and Smoking. According to Snaidero, she was able to adjust itself and to abandon all harmful. Now Mary-Kate does yoga and aerobics because she wants a healthy baby.

      For a long time the public did not approve of the Union 46-year-old Sarkozy with 29-year-old girl. However, the star did not care. “Everyone has their opinion. But I think it’s better to focus on your life and not be too what is happening in the lives of others,” she responded to critics in an interview.

      Rumor has it that Ashley Olsen never had warm feelings for Olivier Sarkozy. The press has repeatedly expressed the idea that after the wedding, Mary-Kate sisters began to communicate less. Myself and Ashley at the moment haven’t found the person who would like to connect my life.

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