Mary-Kate Olsen made the race

Мэри-Кейт Олсен выступила на скачках

Recently, Mary-Kate Olsen took part in annual races in The Hamptons Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton, new York. The girl overcame the obstacle on his faithful horse Feu D’amour.

Not everyone knows that the famous Olsen twins not only an actress and a trendsetter for a couple with his sister, but already long time is engaged in horse riding. 31-year-old Mary-Kate, 6 years, rides horses and has honed their skills so that they can participate in as many shows and competitions.

“I was six when I first fell in love and it was a pony by the name 4×4.”

In addition to his acting work that she does with a very early age, the girl was riding. When Mary-Kate came to live in Studio City, Los Angeles, Mary-Kate, she went to study in the school of Campbell HalL, where he became a member of his first cavalry command. She remembers that horse riding has allowed her to have a life outside of work and study.

“Horse riding from childhood was very important for me, it allowed me to have another life besides work and school. Horse riding allows me to practice patience and discipline, competition, and all other qualities that are important in everyday life. Horses help people to become better,” said Olsen in an interview for the portal riding HITS.

The girl admitted that horse riding has affected her life. Sisters are the trendsetter brand The Row, the first jacket which was inspired by the first show riding Mary-Kate.

“I returned to the sport because I missed him every day when I didn’t go,” the girl admits. “The hardest thing was to throw the drive away and come back.” Mary-Kate confessed that back in horse riding as well was very hard, because the skills over the years begin to forget. But that didn’t stop the fashion designer to remember all your skills and participate in shock. “Equestrian sport allows me to exist in a very different world.”

Sister Mary-Kate and Ashley loved horses since childhood and in 1993 even wrote a song “My horse and me”. In addition to the mounts, trendsetter loves basketball and football, and to maintain a beautiful figure engaged in yoga fashionable now.