Mary Golubkina most concerned about career success

Марию Голубкину больше всего волнует успех в карьере
All summer, the Network was actively discussed the novel of the actress Maria Golubkina, and host and writer Boris Livanov.

Марию Голубкину больше всего волнует успех в карьере

The lovers are even going to get married, but shortly before the celebration canceled the engagement.

“Golubkina looks for in a man, first and foremost, a partner, a helper, not a lover. It is not excluded that she will never marry and never give birth to two children, the star is enough. To find harmony with yourself, Masha needs to learn patience and get rid of pride and categorical.

And also stop all the time to doubt yourself and boldly go forward. If you will always strive for the career, spiritual and personal growth, she will have good luck and luck,” – said the star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva.

And now in a relationship Golubkina Livanov is not clear, at present, the lovers spend time together in Saint-Petersburg.

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