Martirosyan harshly criticized Kharlamov

Мартиросян жестко раскритиковал Харламова The comedian spoke out about a colleague in an interview. The program GAZLive, which is the rapper Basta, Garik Martirosyan said frankly that he believes Garik Kharlamov, the most problematic resident.
Мартиросян жестко раскритиковал Харламова

Garik Martirosyan, one of the brightest comedians of modern television, was a guest of author’s Internet program GAZLive Basta where the famous rapper asks questions online users celebrities. 44-year-old producer, author of the popular show was the most outspoken and the habit of a lot of jokes.

Suddenly Garik allowed myself rather abruptly to say something about the colleague and the namesake of Kharlamov. He said, answering a direct question that “Bulldog” is not laid out to the maximum while working.

“The problem resident is Garik Kharlamov. The problem is the following. Kharlamov was the most talented comedian I’ve ever seen. His problem is that he makes only one percent of the efforts of 100, which could make. It works, but if he worked more and more responsibly, he would be for centuries the number one in Russian humor,” said Martirosyan.
Мартиросян жестко раскритиковал Харламова

Do not hesitate, Garik Martirosyan also spoke about the host of the show, the rapper Basta. The comedian noted that, in his opinion, Vasily Vakulenko (Basta real name – approx. “StarHit”) has its own style and voice and he is always recognizable, he does not consider him a musical phenomenon.

“Basta be described as rap, is stupid. Unfortunately, Basta chose rap. But you’re honest and recognizable. I want to be honest because I to music are treated as the highest manifestation of human cultural activities, so I can’t cheat on her and say that Basta is a new height in the Russian culture”, – expressed his opinion Garik Martirosyan in the opponent’s face.

Basil did not hurt, just had a little argument about Russian rap – musician believes that this phenomenon still is the place to be. However, Martirosyan to yourself is quite critical. In conversation with Basta, he confessed – Yes, he had a lot of failed jokes, for some, it is a shame.

“If you must know, I am very critical attitude not only to all but primarily to himself. I do not really like what I was doing in life. I think it could be much better, funnier,” admitted Martirosyan.

Unanswered questions regarding the financial income of Martirosyan. He did not name the amount of their current income. But the money that was got in my wallet, still counted – 40 thousand rubles.

In addition, Martirosyan told about where to meet old age. Comedian wants to live in his native Yerevan.