Martin Scorsese will shoot her final film with De Niro

Мартин Скорсезе снимет свой прощальный фильм с Де Ниро
The Director decided to paint the walls with blood.

Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese

Photo: Splash News/East news

During his long career of 53 years celebrated
Director Martin Scorsese managed to create nearly six dozen films. Moreover, in nine of them he took one of his favorite actors — Robert De
Niro. And here, as it became known, Scorsese started a new project that again
will work with Robert. Rumor has it that this may be the last joint
the film is 73-year-old filmmaker and a 72-year-old year old actor.

The project, which operates Martin — adaptation of the gangster
the novel “I heard you paint houses” by Charles Brandt. Speech in it goes about
professional killer nicknamed the Irishman, who singlehandedly killed almost
three dozen people. He will play De Niro. And it seems to be innocent
the title of the novel is actually a gangster code. This ritual phrase, allegedly
say when hired killer. “Paint the house” — so splash wall
the victim’s blood…

By the way, the new work is notable not Scorsese
just the fact that he will meet again on the set with De Niro. Martin
managed to involve in the project another two great actors older
generation — Joe Pesci and al Pacino. Interestingly, with Pacino Scorsese before
worked never!

Martin was chosen for this project for some
time ago. However, he could not find people willing to invest in his film. To
fortunately, at the Cannes film festival, he finally found his ‘Irish’ investors.
Already announced that the film’s budget will be approximately $ 100 million. So
it is now possible to expect that when Martin will finish the work over the nearest
planned projects — an adaptation of the crime novel “the Snowman”, it will start
shooting “the Irishman”.

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