“Marry Buzova”: the names of the oligarchs who took part in the show

«Замуж за Бузову»: названы имена олигархов, принявших участие в шоу Having gone through a divorce with Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova beginning an active search of the second half. At this time in Italy in the middle of the shooting of the project “Marry Buzova,” in which the heart stars are struggling the most wealthy candidates.
«Замуж за Бузову»: названы имена олигархов, принявших участие в шоу

“I open the world of other men,” the text of one of the songs of Olga Buzova was not just words. A few weeks ago in Sunny Italy started shooting a new show “Married Buzova,” in which the most wealthy suitors will compete for the heart of TV stars. The release of the romantic reality show scheduled for the autumn, while 32-year-old leading carefully chooses “the same”.

So, today it became known the first names of the candidates for heart Olga. Among them is millionaire Evgeny Nazarov and owner of the company “the Swan” in the production of cheese Denis Lebedev. The first deals with cryptocurrency and runs a successful business training, the second leads quite a private life, but for the sake of attention Buzova decided to participate in the TV show.

Apparently, Olga had already appeared favorite. Yesterday, she dedicated a touching Instagram post in one of the men.

«Замуж за Бузову»: названы имена олигархов, принявших участие в шоу“It is unlikely that I will tell you in the eyes… So I’ll leave it here. I’ve missed you”, – Buzova knows how to intrigue his fans.
«Замуж за Бузову»: названы имена олигархов, принявших участие в шоу

Recently Olga has admitted that he is looking for a self-sufficient man on whom she can rely. Celebrity does not need financial support: she is able to earn for a comfortable life. Moreover, the singer recently began to think about the children. Buzova dreams that her beloved grandmother, Alla Petrova, finally saw the great-grandchildren.

Olga Buzova has promised her grandmother to give birth to great-grandchildren

Mother Olga Buzova Irina Aleksandrovna, also noted that her daughter is going to make a wonderful companion because she is capable of much for the sake of a loved one.

“If she loves, and the man will ask her to work, she leave the career. I saw her first love, the daughter went to live with the boy in the communal apartment, she didn’t care. Olya looking for a man smarter than yourself, she wants someone to reach out, to learn from other people,” shared the woman.

We will remind, one and a half years ago Buzova divorced with her husband, Dmitry Tarasov. And if Dmitry almost immediately after a breakup was to build relations with the Rostov model Anastasia Kostenko, Olga only relatively recently moved away from a painful break-up.

Olga Buzova openly about divorce: “Beloved betrayed me”

According to the portal SUPER, shooting a new reality show Olga Buzova in the lead role will be held in the most picturesque cities in the world: Tuscany, Rome, Naples, Verona.