Брак Скарлетт Йоханссон под угрозой
The actress considering divorce.

Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dorian

Photo: Splash News/East news

Marriage Johansson
going through a crisis. At
recognition friend of the actress, Scarlett is seriously considering the possibility of divorce.

Until recently, Scarlett
and her French husband Romain Dorian, obvenchatsya in Montana in September 2014
it was thought, if not perfect, quite a good couple. In addition to feelings for each
other, United by their determination to keep their personal life private from the press. Andthey are very good. For example, on the birth of their is the only
child – daughter rose became known
only a few weeks after the emergence of girls into the light. And
the wedding of Romain and Scarlett held less than a month after
Johansson became a mother, too, was strictly classified. Therefore, about what is happening
to the family of the actress, after her marriage moved with her husband to Paris, was known
not too much.

The rumors that
Scarlett is not too happy with his life in France still leaking.
However, the actress unwittingly let slip
during one interview that her relationship with her husband formed
not quite peacefully. “When we fight, we speak only English, although I know
effort to learn French. But in the heat of an argument it is
faster to formulate their thoughts, and this, of course, it is easier to do in native
language…,” he told Johansson.

What is the cause of quarrels
actress with her husband? Girlfriend actress together assure that Johansson is not caught in
Paris and wants to return to America. Where she feels lonely because all her friends left for the ocean. And to make a career in Hollywood, while living in France, is also very not easy. Of course, Scarlett accomplished a great deal: recently it was recognized as “highest-grossing actress.” But she could still play a lot of good roles, because “retire” her leave is clearly too early…

And recently,
as told to the reporter of the newspaper “Star” one of the friends of the actress, she confessed her
that put her husband an ultimatum: either they move to Los Angeles or their family
life will be over. But Roman does not want to move overseas. Yet Scarlett
apparently not yet made a final decision. However, the last
a few months the couple almost never appear together. But it’s unlikely
can be considered a good sign.

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