Marriage of Olga Shelest was invalid

Брак Ольги Шелест оказался недействительным TV presenter told, that his marriage with Alexei Tishkina was registered in the United States, therefore in Russia it is considered to be illegitimate. However, this did not bother Shelest and her husband.

      Брак Ольги Шелест оказался недействительным

      TV presenter Olga Shelest and producer Alexey Tishkin. for 18 years together. However, during all this time, the pair never reached the registry office in Russia, but registered their marriage in USA. Olga said that they were perfectly happy life together, and without a stamp in the passport. The pair met while working on channel BIZ-TV, they are in love with each other, but to officially register the relationship was not planned.

      “We are absolutely not going to do it, so we were comfortable. Being decent people, we gave each other a promise that we will be together until the end. And when we are cornered, and cornered us in new York at the time, wanted a piece of paper that the husband without the wife’s consent can make a particular deal, we had to get married. And I was in the last months of pregnancy. It was wildly romantic,” he shared with reporters the star TV. This happened in 2013, and some time later was born their daughter Muse.

      To the Union of Olga and Alexei proved to be valid in Russia, spouses need to translate the marriage certificate and get a stamp at the notary. However, they are in no hurry to do this, as they believe this process is the usual formality. In the family of Olga and Alexei tranquil, they perfectly understand each other. Shelest said that for many years of life together their relationship is “settled down”.

      “It defies analysis, someone said, “Marriage is work. It is necessary to concede each other.” We don’t have such. When I get home from work, I want to relax and not think: huh, now I’ll concede, and next time I won’t. These are things that happen very naturally. The crises we only have youth happened. The first year, when we reconcile, we all was mad. I was throwing mugs at the wall, he put my things in a suitcase and was turned away at the door. Jealousy was crazy, and then at one point everything settled down – apparently, the puzzle fell. Could not stand up, and then stood up. Already the 19 th year of living together. To be honest, I’m shocked!”, – TV star told the publication “7 days”.

      Olga and Alexei had not had children for 16 years because she wanted to live for yourself.

      In 2015, the second time the couple became parents. Was born the second daughter iris. In Greek her name means rainbow in Greek mythology, Iris is the messenger goddess of the rainbow, messenger of the gods. After the birth of her second child relations between Olga and Alexey, only stronger.

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