Marriage Nicole Kidman under threat

Брак Николь Кидман под угрозой
The actress had serious reason to be jealous.

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban


that in the family of Nicole Kidman and Keith urban is not the best
way spread a long time ago. The main problem in their relationship is
that kit seems absolutely unable to remain faithful to his wife.
And now, according to friends of the couple, Keith and Nicole quarrel over the fact that urban is flirting with a young girl.

this time the husband of Kidman made happy with their attention singer Maren Morris.
Moreover, Keith and invited babe to go with him in
a six-month tour! On hearing this, Nicole was in extreme
indignation. After all, she understands: it actually means that her husband and Maren will spend six months together, and
nothing will interfere with the development of their relationship.

Nicole has no illusions about whether Keith urban, with whom she has been married for 10
years, maintain a business relationship with a pretty girl, accompanying him on tour. She remembers how events unfolded
in 2015. Then Keith invited a few young and successful singer Kelsey
Ballerini. And almost from the very beginning the relationship of kit and beauty bought
clearly romantic in nature. Moreover, the couple didn’t even try to hide their
feelings from others. Moreover, colleagues of Keith participated in the round,
told that saw, how Ballerini went into the trailer and Urbana
stayed much longer than if she looked to him for a Cup of

last year Keith has further consolidated its reputation as an incorrigible
womanizer, when the paparazzi caught him leaving the hotel in the company of a young
cute girl (of course, also blonde — urban clearly has for him
the weakness).

only to be surprised as soon as Kidman tolerate such behaviour of her husband. Apparently,
it really is very attached to his infidel wife. Besides, she
the least I would like to leave without a father of two charming daughters — eight-year-old
Sunday rose six and faith Margaret. But the last thing China, invited
with Maren, Maureen, could become the last straw of patience

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