Брак Натали Портман терпит крах
Natalie fled from Paris.

Natalie Portman with her husband

Photo: Splash News/East news

During his last
an interview Natalie Portman did
all shocking confession: she told me that she did not like to live
in Paris, and she dreams again to move to America. And this, incidentally,
jeopardizing her marriage. After all, the husband of actress Benjamin Millepied, the wedding which
she played in 2012, a Frenchman, and he does not want to live anywhere else, except at
at home. This was told to the reporter Star.

“Returning to America after
a long break, I realized how much I missed Los Angeles. I suddenly
remember, as I’ve had a good time, and what wonderful friendly people!” —
said Natalie. Although Portman has lived in France for several years, and she hasn
did not stick. As told by Natalie their overseas friends in Paris
she was not able to make new friends. Her husband was busy all the time at work, and she felt
awful lonely…

Besides, as it turned out,
she never managed to adapt to the communication style adopted in France. Natalie
told during your interview that the French seemed to her a long time
arrogant snobs — as long as one
her friend explained to her that she violates the unwritten rules
behavior adopted here, so she’s not too helpful. “But when I
I tried to follow this incomprehensible to me the rules of etiquette, it turned out that
it’s terribly boring…” said Portman. So when the actress finally
back in Los Angeles, she felt at home and sighed with relief.

Problems in marriage actress,
tired of living in a uncomfortable town for her began, apparently, already
for quite some time. Anyway, the paparazzi noticed that Natalie has a few
months not wearing his wedding ring, which she never parted.
Yes, and in company with his wife, Portman doesn’t appear for quite some time. It all
often see one, and Natalie often
arrives in a depressed mood…

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