«Брак не тихая гавань», или 7 советов РПЦ для идеальной жены

Now on the Internet only talk about the recent recommendations of Bishop Panteleimon (Shatov) for girls who dream to marry. The author of thousands of supporters and many critics. Woman’s Day has studied the material and came to the conclusion that some councils still have the right to exist. And why not? That, incidentally, is the most interesting.

1. “Marriage is not a quiet Harbor. Let’s have no illusions.

Author Bishop Panteleimon first of all notes that marriage is a big job that requires patience and humility:

“No need to present marriage as a safe Harbor, where it will end all your problems, and there would be someone understanding, loving.”

2. To prepare to become a wife and mother of the girl needs in advance.

“For training, like in a large family and help cook festive Lunches or dinners. And learn how to cook, and a good thing to do…

You may say, “Well, I’m ready, willing, learned and married so no one offers it”. But if you learn to love, it will help to live a full life, even if you will not find a husband.”

3. The girl needs to be economical.

“It is not known whether well-paid job your husband has. You will marry for love and not for money. If he has a small salary or he’ll lose his job, have to live in poverty, so it is better to prepare for it. It would be good to learn not only how to save money, but to donate money is to share, to help families with many children or single mothers. Learn not to be greedy, but compassionate and generous”.

4. The husband in the family is the most important.

“If the husband will love and he’ll be fine, it will be good with children. No matter how you loved children, the husband must love more. My late wife taught the children what they knew: the best and most delicious – dad. Youngest daughter sometimes says: “And me? I want too“. I handed her a sandwich, thickly smeared black caviar made for me wife, but the older girls did terrible eyes, something strictly whispered in her ear, and she guiltily shut up and never wanted to take even part of a sandwich. Of course, they are sandwiches with caviar also got it in those rare moments when she managed to get it, but on daddy’s layer calf was thicker.

5. The husband can not be offended, but to be able to calm him down need.

“If the husband resorts to punishment because of anger and irritability, you should be able to calm him down, when the storm begins. One wonderful priest told me that his grandfather, when the children were noisy at the table, and smote the culprit across his forehead with a wooden spoon. Grandma, who knew about it, always put her husband a spoon with a very thin handle. Spoon break and it softened the blow.”

6. Do not be jealous of her husband’s friends and relatives.

“We must not think that if your husband married you, now he’s all yours. After the wedding he will stay and continue relationships with friends and with my parents… mother-in-law can not help jealous, may require extra attention to yourself, and to do it not directly but in a roundabout way, because women will not say evil, but very flexible. To overcome all this, you need to be ready and try to be patient.”

7. Whatever happens, you can’t divorce!

“From the family is here to stay, like from a submarine when she submerged into the water… If I choose a husband, got married, got hitched, and he suddenly found himself wrong, should treat him as a Prince charming”.

Also the priest said that if a girl cannot find a husband, she should look at ourselves: “we Are in active search of the girl, prowling like a wolf, eyes around, scares off potential suitors”.

And Dating before marriage is must pass a minimum of “Before the wedding should be a year. My main advice is not to rush. Look closely at the person throughout the year.”

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