Марк Цукерберг показал первые шаги дочери Макс в панорамном видео

Creator of the most popular social network in the world Facebook mark Zuckerberg shares with his fans the most important moment of our lives. Does this mark through his creation. Over the weekend, Zuckerberg boasted small achievements of his infant daughter – the child learns to walk, and dad is experiencing incredible emotions.

To observe how his daughter is doing step by step, mark suggested using a special camera that shoots panoramic video in the format of 360 degree immersive.

When I was a kid, I took my first steps, my mother recorded the date of this event in my children’s album. When my sister took her first steps, she took them on photo and video. When Max started to walk I wanted to capture the action in 360 degrees, to my friends and family could feel that they were there and shared with us this moment. And that’s what happened!” — said in video comments posted on the page Mark.