Mark Zuckerberg offered to Robert Downey Jr. to give the voice of your home computer

Марк Цукерберг предложил Роберту Дауни-младшему подарить голос домашнему компьютеру

The founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg announced to his users that he needs a new “voice” for its home artificial intelligence, through which you can manage a house Brand.

Of its intention to give the AI “Jarvis” voice Zuckerberg announced on the social network, and asked its users for whose assistance in this case he should contact.

Facebook users immediately began to offer hundreds of options, mostly different voice actors. In the end the choice fell on the performer of “Iron man” Robert Downey Jr. Note, that in “Iron man we first encountered AI aide named “Jarvis”.

Downey Jr. has accepted the offer Zuckerberg agreed to give his voice a home PC Brand, provided that the money he will receive for this service will be referred to Paul Bettany the actor who voiced “Jarvis” in the “Iron man”. By the way, Bethany in turn will have to forward the money another celebrity is Benedict Cumberbatch, so he sent them to charity “of his choice”. Oh, and the diagram!

Note that is still not clear, did mark and Robert are honest or talk about AI was the only way to have fun and entertain the user.

Recall that mark Zuckerberg is developing his own AI from January 2016. In July, for example, the program learned to do for the founder of Facebook toast.