Марк Цукерберг потерял почти 17 миллиардов долларов: что случилось?

The founder of the popular social network Facebook mark Zuckerberg has lost to 16.8 billion in just two hours because of a sharp fall in shares of the company.

There was a drop after the company published its quarterly report for the slowdown in revenue growth. As a result, shares of Facebook fell by 24% and resulted in a fall in other Technocomplex such as Snap, owning Snapchat, and Twitter. As reported by Reuters, the value of the social network Zuckerberg fell by almost $ 150 billion. If the situation will not change for the better, Zuckerberg to lose the third place in the list of the richest people in the world, and its offspring will survive among the largest companies in the US drop in the history of the us stock market.

At the moment Zuckerberg took third place in the list of the richest people in the world by Bloomberg — his fortune was counted 81,6 billion. Ahead of him only the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos (142 billion) and Microsoft founder bill gates (94,2 billion dollars).

Recall that Zuckerberg, despite Internet activities, is the holder of a diploma from Harvard University. As recognized by mark, getting the “crust” was very exciting for him. He entered the University in 2002, and studied there until 2004. In parallel, Zuckerberg studied psychology and programming, but when mark and his friends started to create the social network Facebook, the study time is not left, and had to decide. Despite such a long pause, mark received a document on the completion of the institution.

Of course, a distinguished student could not give word acceptance speech.
“We live in very unstable times, and we are constantly having an impact. This century is the century of struggle with their own time, the struggle of truth, freedoms of the world community with authoritarianism and isolation,” said mark, and thanked all who supported him during the long time study and added. what is the most important event in his life was the meeting with Priscilla, his wife, whom he met at the University.