Mark Wahlberg told how he lost weight under the supervision of doctors

Марк Уолберг рассказал, как похудел под надзором врачей
The actor admitted that it was given to him very hard.

Mark Wahlberg


Mark Wahlberg often has to gain and lose weight for roles.

“Nothing good, it is very unhealthy, — said the actor. — When gaining 15 pounds — 10 times a day you have to eat. At first everything is fine, even fun — as it was in New Orleans when I starred in the film “Deepwater horizon”. But gradually you begin to feel unwieldy Behemoth. I feel like I’m turning into some sort of disgusting jelly. I never thought that someday I will have sitting socks to wear!»

But gaining weight is easy, but to lose the whole story. Because with age the metabolic processes in the body slows down and it becomes harder to lose weight.

“Last year I had three weeks to lose weight in order to star in a Michael Bay film “transformers: the Last knight» (Mark Wahlberg was replaced in the fourth and fifth films about robots hero Shia La Buff. — Primas’. ed.). Unpleasant sensation. Fortunately, such extreme weight loss took place under the supervision of doctors… They helped me a lot. Perhaps soon I’ll have to play age role. But this has not yet happened, I required to maintain myself in good physical shape.”

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