Mark Wahlberg tells us why gets up at 4 in the morning

Марк Уолберг рассказал зачем встает в 4 утра
The actor revealed the secret of his brutal regime.

Mark Wahlberg


About mark Wahlberg in Hollywood is legendary: it is said that there is no “the dream factory” more than an actor with such a unique mode of the day, and most importantly – with such fantastic performance. Mark himself admits that two weeks before the end of the previous film, begins to prepare for the next. And it often happens that once the project Wahlberg needs to look very different.

“Met, you remember, with Michael Bay (Director of “Transformers…”. — Approx. ed.) he looked at me in horror looked, “What?”, – says the actor. – Scared that I will not have time to lose weight. That was what I was supposed to finish in three weeks instead of the usual ten to restore the form. The spinach with added protein and no Goodies. I remember my wife went to the supermarket. And suddenly out of the deli the smell of fried bacon… I almost fainted not crashed. Fortunately, RIA (wife RIA Dereham, an ex-model. — Approx. ed.) then led me out of the store. But what I cook Breakfast on the first day after filming! A mountain of bacon fried. This is in addition to fried potatoes, sausage, and pancakes with jam!”

Usually mark maintains a strict regime. Gets up at four in the morning, spends an hour in the gym. Returns home meal. At six in the morning until everyone in the house is asleep, goes to the Golf club. Returns when the wife and kids Breakfast, drives the children to school, goes to the office and working on production projects, teaches the texts role in the film, where he plans to play. “Social life for me simply does not exist, – says Wahlberg. – Late dinners, alcohol, even a glass of wine — absolutely not. Familiar offer: “Look it’s the final of football?” And I said, “uh no, man, I — to sleep.” I really go no later than nine o’clock in the evening. And sports games look at four in the morning during class in the hall. My goal is to stay in good shape without exposing yourself to unnecessary stress. I was already a juicer, you know how it is harmful to health. I have a lot of injuries. Shoulders, arms, legs, broken bones — be healthy! And I want to play with your kids in basketball, run with them, and not to recover from another overload. Why limit yourself in calories and more rest. And before you go to sleep is the best way to efficiently rest.”

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