Марк Уолберг показал свой пресс во время отпуска на Барбадосе с женой

Марк Уолберг показал свой пресс во время отпуска на Барбадосе с женой

Handsome mark still continues to enchant millions of fans!

48-year-old mark Wahlberg continues to shame men half his age, maintaining his body in a perfect shape that millions of us staring. Case in point: his brilliant press again demonstrated when he was spotted on the beaches of Barbados with his wife Rhea, on December 28. The star of the film “Boogie” left very little to the imagination with nothing but a pair of colorful swimming trunks and a big chain on his neck after leaving the shimmering waves. Ray, on the other hand, has demonstrated its charms, wearing sexy green polka dot swimsuit where her ass was almost fully open! The couple clearly wanted to demonstrate to others and lurking photographers their most favorable angles.

Марк Уолберг показал свой пресс во время отпуска на Барбадосе с женой
The body is a two-time nominee for “Oscar” for a long time, namely almost thirty years was the subject of conversation. His appearance in the frame without a shirt dates back to the time when he was a model for Calvin Klein in the early 90’s, and when he did his rap and his hit number one was “Good Vibrations”, where it is pumped superiorily body certainly liked anyone who watched the video with his participation.
Mark spoke about the transformation of his body after six months of intense training F45 and healthy diet on his official page in Instagram on December 19. “Six months of training Inspired Performance Nutrition, Aquahydrate and F45 !!”, he signed photo. Photo handsome mark is dressed in baggy black jeans, Damier graphite belt from Louis Vuitton and his signature gold cross necklace. 46-year-old Mario Lopez was impressed, writing “the BEAST!” in the comments section.

This is the man who can’t stop taking my shirt off. Enviable frame Brand was again demonstrated when, on 21 December he published in Instagram video on how it demonstrates your skills of sword fighting.
Mark is not the only Hollywood hunk over the age of 45 that looks good without a shirt. Among others who showed us their amazing bodies in recent years, such as: brad pitt, will Smith, Channing Tatum.

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