Mark Wahlberg in the new trailer for the film about the bombing at the Boston marathon

Марк Уолберг в новом трейлере фильма о взрыве на Бостонском марафоне

In April this year announced the intention of the actor mark Wahlberg to make a movie about the events of 2013, namely – the explosions during the Boston marathon. As a result of this attack three people were killed and over 280 were injured.

Plan Wahlberg came to life and soon the film will be presented to the public. The premiere is called “patriot Day” will be held in January 2017.

Now we have the opportunity to evaluate the first trailer of this drama.

The script was written by eyewitnesses of the events of the Boston police Commissioner ed Davis, who “played an important role in the investigation of the attack and actively cooperated with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies”. That is the testimony of Davis helped track and arrest the suspected bombers.

It is known that the film will be shown five days, which will cover events preceding the explosion, the explosion itself and the apprehension of criminals.

“There is nothing more attractive and authentic than real life stories, — says the head of CBS Films. – The team we have assembled to create this project intends to show a complete picture of everything that happened in those days in Boston”.