Марк Уолберг пожертвовал 1,5 миллиона долларов в фонд жертв домогательств Time’s Up

The fee for Mark Wahlberg photographed scenes of the movie “All the money in the world” began to discuss everything. The fact that his earnings amounted to $ 1.5 million, and it is 15 thousand times more than his colleagues on the project, Michelle Williams.

Wahlberg has decided not to remain silent and not to come up with unfounded speech, and just donated the money to the Fund for victims of harassment, Time’s Up, one of the founders of which is Williams. “Over the past few days my fee for a retake “All the money in the world” has become almost the main topic for discussion. I one hundred percent support the fight for fair payment, and I am donating $ 1.5 million to Fund Time’s Up in honor of Michelle Williams,” wrote the actor on his page in Facebook.

Recall that in the work on the Thriller directed by Ridley Scott, mark Wahlberg in 10 days received a fee in the amount of fifteen million dollars, far more than his colleagues. Michelle Williams, who also played the lead role in the film, got less than $ 1000!

It is not about the movie, and some scenes had to reshoot after Kevin spacey was suspended from filming, because of the case of pedophilia and sexual harassment. In place of his character took the actor Christopher Plummer.

Why so praised the work of the two actors is not reported, but apparently Michelle would agree to work for free, after all, appreciates the work crew team. “When I called and asked to return to the set, I said that I would need at any time. And I’m ready to sacrifice their wages and their output — with everything you need, because I really appreciate the fact that they made such a huge effort to work on the film,” says the actress.

With roles in the movie “All the money in the world,” spacey took, and because of the sensational case of pedophilia. In the background, the actor even admitted that he had relationships with girls and with men. “I know that around me there are a lot of stories, they draw on the fact that I protect their privacy. My family know that I had relations with women and with men. I loved romantic encounters with men throughout my life and now I choose to live as gay. I want to deal with it honestly and openly, and it begins with an examination of my own behavior,” wrote an open letter to Kevin spacey in his Twitter account.