Mark Tishman was indignant with work colleagues in the show business

Марк Тишман возмутился творчеством коллег по шоу-бизнесу A graduate of the seventh season of the popular TV show “star Factory” will appear in the new edition of “One day”. Mark Tishman will explain why we decided to put a solo performance in one of the capital’s theatres, as well as to share views on contemporary music.

The heroes of the new edition of “One day” which will show on Saturday, April 21, became a television journalist Alexander Nevzorov, singer mark Tishman and actress Irina Mazurkevich. Star remembered as their career, and explained what I live now.

A graduate of the seventh season of the project “Factory of stars”, Mark Tishman, many predicted a successful future. At the time, the young man was fortunate enough to speak with Patricia Kaas at the festival “Russian winter” in London, after which it drew the attention of the British media. To date 38-year-old mark has released two albums. Extreme record Tishman “730”, was released in March 2017. The contractor admitted that no illusions about the popularity. Now, says mark, it’s time for other artists whose work may be far from perfect.

“Just time for a little bit, maybe other songs than the ones that I sing. But at the same time, when a year ago I released a new album, and – of happiness, of surprise – I saw it in the top twenty of the iTunes – says the artist. There, there, Olga Buzova, there are some of the stars of chanson, stars rap battles and somewhere wormed my lyrical album. That is, I do not have complexes. How much shit we know and can hum that is now rushing everywhere? If you can’t hum my song then it’s bad for you. Immodest, but it’s actually so”.

In addition, mark will talk about their loved ones. The artist will reveal why the parents decided to give him this name, and will also share their steps on the path to success. After moving from Makhachkala to Moscow Tishman studied foreign languages at Lomonosov Moscow state University, from which he graduated with honors. In the future, mark began taking vocal lessons at the teacher gnesinka and entered the faculty of musical theatre of GITIS. According to Tishman, he began to earn money as a student. The first serious revenue Mark was higher than the salary of his relatives.

In TV magazine “One day” mark also shows his apartment in the elite district of Moscow and a sofa, which once sat the prima Donna of the Russian platform. While participating in the “star Factory” Tishman was lucky enough to sing with Alla Borisovna – unprecedented success for a young actor. Pugacheva gave him helpful advice and contributed to career development.

It will go on the work of Tishman in the theater “Nikitsky gate.” The artist has set a one-man show “Faces: the Effect of absence”, which contains stories of many different people. Each of them voiced the main character in the form of personal experiences. In recognition of Tishman, its a new experience – a way to survive the crisis of middle age.