Марк Рудинштейн поведал о любовных похождениях Спартака Мишулина According to the producer, the actor was a womanizer. Mark Rudinshtein claims he was an eyewitness of the novel of the famous actor mother of Timur Eremeeva. That is why it supports a young man in the air a variety of programs.
Марк Рудинштейн поведал о любовных похождениях Спартака Мишулина

The scandal around the name of Spartaka Mishulina not subside for many months. After a DNA test confirmed the relationship of the actor with the alleged son of Timur Yeremeyev, it seemed that the situation is clarified. However, the legitimate daughter of the artist Karina continues litigation with a newfound brother, intending to challenge the results of blood tests.

In a recent interview, the famous producer mark Rudinshtein has decided to clarify the situation. According to the man, he was a witness of how he started the novel Mishulina mother Eremeeva.

“I worked with Mishulin, saw he did not miss a single skirt! And the story with Timur, we can say, came to my eyes. Spartacus then began courting 16-year-old girl – a future mother. I told him: “Spartacus, be careful! This is a disaster!”And then she joined him in Moscow. The whole Theater of satire knew about it,” said Rudinstein.
Марк Рудинштейн поведал о любовных похождениях Спартака Мишулина

According to the producer, he visited the television program with the participation of Timur only in order to protect the young man. Mark G. knew Eremeev really is the son of Spartaka Mishulina, and therefore tried to help him to restore justice.

Rudinstein quite often becomes a participant in various television projects. So, he appeared in the broadcast of programs that focus on the scandalous situation around of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. Producer desperately defended the position of the actor and protect the injured party from the attacks Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya. Despite this, the filmmakers did not hold the position of Director of the theatre Armen Borisovich, although such proposals he had received.

“I think the Department of culture and not adopt me – age is not suitable. But as a crisis Manager I would have helped. Moreover, the theatre is split into those who liked to work with Vitalina, and those she bullied. What did she do, beyond, and understand there is long and difficult,” said the man.

According to Mark G., he comes in the Studio a variety of programs to Express their point of view, to protect friends or clarify the contentious situation. The man don’t pay the fees for appearing on television, and the PR at the expense of such a show did not need.

Now Rudinshteyn is engaged in producing film projects. He often collaborates with well-known figures of cinema, although it has foes in a creative environment. So, the man stressed that for many years does not communicate with Nikita Mikhalkov due to the fact that the Director was given too much attention to politics.

Dealing with the publication of “the Source” mark Rudinshtein even made a prediction for the coming “Oscar”. He is confident that Andrey Zvyagintsev will receive the award in the category “Best foreign language film” for the film “Dislike”.