Mark Hughes cause of death

		Марк Хьюз: причина смерти

The death of one of the most legendary U.S. businessmen of the late twentieth century by Mark Reynolds Hughes, the founder of the company “Herbalife” have done a lot of noise. 44-year-old man, who, in his frequent speeches memorized it all fit, smiling and happy with life, was found dead in his mansion in Malibu. The cause of his death, nominated arrived to the scene by medics, was announced as the anoe – stop breathing during sleep.

Such a sudden and unexplained end of life of the owner of a successful, continuing to gain strength of the company, just no one expected. All life active enthusiast Hughes was devoted to his favorite child: “Herbalife”, firmly standing on his feet and bringing good income for him and a whole army of servants dedicated to the common cause.

		Марк Хьюз: причина смерти

Hughes himself said that the idea of creation and distribution of funds, corrective weight, he appeared at the age of 19 when his mother died. The poor woman spent my entire life struggling with excessive fullness and exceeded the dose of the diet pills that contained amphetamine. True or not, is unknown, but the future millionaire really came to the decision to achieve the effect of weight loss using herbal remedies.

He began to look for components for its products in the people’s sources and sell them himself, at first as a simple merchant, travels by car to nearby and distant areas. When this received no special education, but very energetic and persistent entrepreneur began to build things, he was struck by another brilliant idea on how to create the most effective sales network. It was erected at the head of its activities the principle of multilevel marketing.

		Марк Хьюз: причина смерти

0 G. Hughes already knew what he wanted. In his company was invited to various high-class specialists, who established her excellent work and also nutritionists, headed by David Heber, who received the Nobel prize. Firm, built like efficient shopping pyramid– opponents called it the “sect” carried out penetration to the product “Herbalife” in over 80 countries. And trading operations made “hand in hand”, without the participation of shops, pharmacies and other locations. Already by 2013, the revenue of the company amounted to more than $ 4 billion.

		Марк Хьюз: причина смерти

All employees of the company undergo special training at seminars and workshops, making them the responsibility to always be upbeat, cheerful and smile in any situation. What was the surprise and indignation of the public, when it became known that the examination revealed the body of a smiling advocate of natural food additives Hughes hellish mix of alcohol and antidepressants!

That the cause of death of Mark Hughes was an overdose of enemies “Herbalife” trumpeted wherever he could. The credibility of the company in the United States noticeably affected, but this is a long kompensiruet active and profitable operations network throughout the world, Russia is also included in this web since the early 90-ies and Hughes visited the Russian office “the Herbalife” in 1998.

Text: Natalia Aristova

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