Mark Bogatyrev was filmed with an injured leg

Марк Богатырев снимался с травмированной ногой
The actor broke his leg before an important shoot.

Mark Bogatyrev, Zhenya Malakhova

Photo: Press service

At the presentation of the family Comedy “the adventures of crazy
Professor” held the other day in the “Children’s world” mark Bogatyrev said, what
scene in the film remember him most.

The actor starred in the chase scene, when his character was running away from
pursuers. Unfortunately, at this time mark broke his leg. Three weeks
Bogatyrev was in a cast, by the time the plaster was removed, but the actor still
leg was hurt, he was limping badly. This he sad and told the Director and
the crew, realizing that he will not be able to run, not limp. Then
the Director has come up with a great scenario for the course. The plot is on foot hero Mark drop
the coffin and he hromaet.

“When we hear the command “action!” — shared with Bogatyrev,
— there is some kind of magical thing. I myself already thought that I have
nothing hurts. As I hobbled, rather, specifically for the role, trying to add
character, charm and humor. For me, shooting with a broken leg was
invaluable experience. When something bothers you it’s over, it’s very
useful for the artist.”

Zhenya Malakhov, who played in the film the girl of the protagonist,
told about another injury that occurred on set. The actress was awarded
scar her partner — a fluffy cat named Arsen.

“The cat was very clumsy and harmful to the disgrace, —
recalls Jack. — And I had over 15 takes to hold
this fat furry partner that constantly escaped from the hands, and
the end gave me the scar.”

After watching the excerpt from the upcoming film, the actors gave the guests
gifts, signed autographs and posed for photographs.

the nutty Professor” is a film about a talented, ambitious scientist who in
the result of loud experiment pochivshego him great glory, becomes
ten, little man.

Maxim (Pyotr Fyodorov), a young genius scientific discoveries in the field of nature
of man, his physical and mental capabilities. He wants to
Nobel prize for achievements in science. For several years in his laboratory
he’s trying to create a formula that will allow you to change the human tissue in
molecular level, and to put it simply – to improve the body, talents and abilities
person. After a failed experiment, Maxim suddenly becomes
small, close and then declare him dead and bury an empty coffin.
Maxim absolutely no one to ask for help. His best friend Paul (mark
Bogatyrev) is a treacherous traitor, Max is confident that his
a girl Julia (Zhenya Malakhova) left him after the failure of the experiment. Willy
case his only chance for salvation becomes 12-year-old boy, Yegor
(Artyom Fadeev), confined to a wheelchair. But to become still, max
have to overcome many tests…

Family Comedy “the adventures of nutty Professor” will be released in
Russian cinemas in early 2017.