Mark Bogatyrev looking for a home for the dog

Марк Богатырев ищет дом для собаки
Star of TV series “Kitchen” encourages fans to take Pets from a shelter.

Марк Богатырев ищет дом для собаки

Mark is looking for Maya’s house

Star of TV series “the Kitchen” loves animals and tries as far as possible
to help the shelters where homeless Pets. Mark Bogatyrev took part
in a charity shoot to help the dogs find a good home and a house.
“Took part in shooting animals from a shelter. My hands have a modest puppy Maya, who are looking for a home. If you have
wanted to make a friend, you’re sure to find it! Do good, ” said the actor to his fans.

Mark Bogatyrev with my dog Jess

By the way, the Brand is favorite dog, Jack-Russell-Terrier named Jess. A year ago, during a trip to his native Bogatyrev Obninsk
his four-legged friend ran from the car. After a worried owner
appealed to fans on social networks, Jess managed to find. The actor hopes his appeal to help shelter Pets find a home not too
will be left without attention.

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