Мария Порошина собирается прибегнуть к помощи пластических хирургов
The actress made a Frank admission.

Мария Порошина собирается прибегнуть к помощи пластических хирургов

Maria Poroshina

Photo: @Instagram mashaporoshina Maria Poroshina

Maria Poroshina open
speaking about his attitude to the industry of plastic surgery. The actress admitted,
in order to work in the film industry it is necessary to have a pleasant and
attractive appearance. In this regard, for the sake of a career, many
the artist crossed the threshold of a certain age, have to seek
help to plastic surgeons. However, there are those who do “beautifully
to grow old.

“There is a wonderful
the actress who did not specifically make and look interesting. They are beautiful
spiritually, glow from within and carry the old as a gift. They know how to use
it, you know what to do at this age. It is a personal choice, as
feel and position!” — told the 42-year-old Maria. She Poroshina,
despite the fact that now for your age looks simply amazing, not
rule out appeal to plastic surgeons in five years. However,
Maria hopes that by the time when she will need help in the preservation of youth,
think “miracle pill”, which can be returned to its former beauty.

Maria Poroshina with daughter Polina

Photo: @Instagram mashaporoshina Maria Poroshina

Meanwhile, the actress, and part-time mother of four children, showed fans a picture together with her older daughter. Most members agreed that Poroshina in the pictures looks the same age as the 20-year-old Pauline. So, most likely, the campaign of Mary to a plastic surgeon will be held soon.

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