Мерайю Кери раскритиковали за ужасное пение

American singer , Keri Maria did not listen to the advice of experts and trained teachers in singing, but because of her world tour Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour is already being called a failure. It turns out that Maria can’t perform their old hits, misses in the text and not pulling the high notes of the songs.

Not so long ago, Carey announced a large European tour, during which Maria performs seventeen songs and some of the first hits that the audience loves so much. But after a recent performance of his songs at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, the singer managed to spoil the impression of their hits.

“Yeah she can’t sing, can’t take high notes, you cannot sync the words..” said the upset fan of Carey.
“The way she tries to stick his hoarse voice to previously recorded tracks, like a bad dub of an old Japanese movie..” says the second one disappointed fan.
Recall that the Carey world tour ends on 2 may in Johannesburg, South Africa, after which Merayu again invited to Caesar’s Palace. Unless, of course, the audience will not flee from such trills.

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