Марион Котийяр рассказала правду о романе с Брэдом Питтом
The French actress admitted that she met the “man throughout his life”.

Brad pitt and Marion Cotillard

Photo: Splash News/East news

Marion Cotillard, which were attributed an affair with brad pitt officially commented on his “affair” with a Hollywood actor. French actress denies cheating on her husband Guillaume Canet, with whom she, by the way, next year will mark a pink wedding. Brad, in her confession, Marion was associated exclusively friendly relations.

“It will be my first and only reaction to the news, which hit 24 hours ago and had a great influence on me. I don’t usually comment on such things and not even take them seriously, but once the situation hurts people I care about, I have to speak. First, a few years ago I met the man of her life, the father of our son and baby, whose arrival we are looking forward to. He is my love, my best friend and the only one I need. Secondly, the message for those who called me a “devastated”: I feel great!” — admitted Marion.

By the way, Cotillard mentioned in his message, and angelina Jolie. She wished the Hollywood star and husband find peace.

Perhaps now the foreign media will completely abandon the version that the cause of one of the biggest divorces in recent years has been cheating pitt, and fully focus on addictions “Mr. Smith”.

Recently, the Network appeared information about the fact that brad had serious problems with alcohol and light drugs. According to friends, Jolie, she feared for the health of their children, which allegedly have not witnessed outbursts of aggression pitt. Brad such statements was extremely shocked. Surrounded by the star couple say that the husband Jolie was trying to save a failing marriage going to the family therapist, but Angelina seems to have long planned the divorce, and nothing could make her change that decision.