Marion Cotillard talked about sex scene with brad pitt

Марион Котийяр рассказала о постельных сценах с Брэдом Питтом
The actress spoke about her relationship with brad.

Marion Cotillard and brad pitt

Marion Cotillard, which was suspected affair with brad pitt on the set
the ground romantic Thriller “Allies”, admitted that in fact
happened during work on the film. 41-year-old actress spoke about this in his
the interview, timed to the premiere “Allies”, to be held later this month.

As explained by Marion, to represent the fiery passion with a partner, to which
you really don’t feel like it, not as fun as it is
it may seem. To star with brad in explicit love scenes seemed Cotillard extremely awkward and unnatural. Especially hard was her scene,
which her character and the character of pitt was to have wild sex on
back seat of the car, while all around was raging sandstorm.

“We were saved by the fact that we’ve been rehearsing this scene, and the writers
very well painted all of our movement: what is it and what
sequence we were supposed to do. So we just had to learn
all this “stuff”. But still, it was so weird that we’ve nervously
I laughed, before I was able to start shooting…” said Cotillard.

Meanwhile, the result of her collaboration with pitt was so
convincing that when the press appeared the first shots from the set,
was a rumor going around that Marion and brad really fell in love with each other. It came
before that, as claimed by sources on the Internet site Angelina Jolie supposedly hired
private detective to find out what really happened on
set. And after it became known about the divorce pitt and Jolie, a
called Cotillard responsible for ruining the star of the family. So Marion had
to make an official denial of the affair with brad. And declare at the same time that
she’s pregnant by her partner Guillaume Canet…