Марион Котийяр ответила на обвинения в романе с Брэдом Питтом The Hollywood actress was forced to reveal the truth. Rumors about the relationship of Marion Cotillard and brad pitt appeared after Hollywood actors played a couple in the spy drama “the Allies.

      This week the advocate Angelina Jolie has announced that the actress has filed for divorce from husband brad pitt. “This decision was made for the well-being of family members. She would not comment on the decision and asks that the family was granted the right to private life in this period”, – reads the statement of the lawyer.

      The media discussed a lot of versions that might be the real cause of discord in the family of Hollywood actors. The main discrepancy between the methods of raising six children with Jolie and pitt.

      A collection of the most absurd rumors about Jolie and pitt: press review

      Also, there are persistent rumors that the couple could turn into a love triangle. Brad is credited with an affair with a partner for the drama “Allies” Marion Cotillard. The French actress is now in an interesting position, and emotionally she has a hard time. To protect herself and her husband, actor Guillaume Canet, from attacks of journalists, she left a Frank admission on his page in Instagram.

      “It will be my first and only reaction to the flurry of news that hit me the day before and absorbed. I have not used any to comment on such things, nor, especially, to take them seriously. But as the situation escalated, and it affects people I love, I have to speak. First, many years ago I met the man of her life, the father of her older child and of the child, in anticipation of which I am. He is my love, my best friend and the only one I need. Secondly, I want to say to those who believe me devastated, I feel fine, thank you. All this fantasy talk is terrible. And all the media and haters who rapidly make false conclusions, I sincerely wish you a speedy recovery from this disease. Finally, I really want Angelina and brad, whom I deeply respect, found peace in this troubled time. With love, Marion,” wrote the actress.

      It is noteworthy that according to American analysts, the divorce, Jolie and pitt may be one of the most expensive in the history of Hollywood. Perhaps spouses have to divide an amount equal to 480 million dollars.

      Recall that Angelina and brad are officially married on August 23, 2014. The wedding took place in the chapel on the French Riviera in the circle of family members and friends. Prior to that, nine years stars lived in a civil marriage, as it is not considered necessary to formalize the relationship.