Marina Zueva was almost suffocated on the set of “the battle of psychics”

Марина Зуева едва не задохнулась на съемках «Битвы экстрасенсов» The witch had almost fainted during the test. Marina Zueva tried to help women whose husbands from generation to generation to kill themselves. However, in the process she is beginning to feel the lack of oxygen.
Марина Зуева едва не задохнулась на съемках «Битвы экстрасенсов»

The 18th season of “the Battle of psychics” is in full swing. According to fans of the show, the participants had to highlight the leaders, and one of them is Marina Zueva. The witch managed to show their abilities in previous trials, but it is sometimes necessary to face challenges. So, in the new issue of woman became ill during the filming.

Marina is so strongly imbued with the suffering of heroes issue that I felt their emotions bereaved relatives. Suddenly the witch was not enough oxygen, she grabbed her throat and tried to catch my breath. Despite these difficulties, the psychic stood the test and answered all the questions of the owners of the house where the shooting took place.

“She was able to see what was really going on in our family. A very strong psychic, I immediately felt its energy,” – once confessed one of the heroines of the issue.

In the new episode of witches and wizards had to help the family from the city of eagle. Several men from different generations, have committed suicide in the same house, and so the widow decided to turn to psychics.

Among those who managed to overcome was Sofya Egorova and Konstantin Hecate. The latter greatly impressed the characters that he again got a white envelope. According to fans, the victory already in a pocket at the charming magician.

“Immediately I felt that Hecate is a gift. He is the best in this season, the only and unquestionable leader”, “a Real psychic, dream to get to see him”, “He’s not failed a single test. Stability — a sign of skill” – shared the opinion of fans of the show.

The talent of Konstantin noted psychic Olesya Molchanova, whose picture was in a black envelope. Leaving the show, a young woman emphasized that only Hecate is a real magician of everyone in the room. However, some fans of the show are in no hurry to bet on a clear victory for men, because the new season has just begun, and that means that leaders can be replaced.