Marina Zudina regrets about the abortion from Oleg Tabakov

Марина Зудина жалеет об аборте от Олега Табакова People’s artist decided on a candid conversation with Boris by Koschevnikovi. Marina Zudina told about his relationships with loved ones, and shared stories of the past. According to the women, in her youth she was immature and afraid to have children.
Марина Зудина жалеет об аборте от Олега Табакова

Marina Zudina and Oleg Tabakov is one of the brightest couples of actors. The couple lived together for more than two decades, never ceasing to delight many fans. Recently, people’s artist of the Russian Federation became the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi, in which he spoke about family life and career.

According to Suginoi, the birth of children – a challenge for any couple. According to the actress, in her youth she was not ready for appearance of heirs.

“We are very sorry that we do not have a senior son or daughter. I dreamed about three children. It happened – I couldn’t afford children, so as not to ruin a family. Once I was immature. If I was ready to have a baby and take responsibility, I would give birth to,” said star.
Марина Зудина жалеет об аборте от Олега Табакова

There was a time when Marina had an abortion from the man she loved. Years later a woman came to the conclusion that was wrong. Speaking about the case in the past, Zudin made clear that it is very difficult to address this difficult topic.

Марина Зудина жалеет об аборте от Олега Табакова“I could have, but I deliberately refused it. Now I realize that was not brand conscious… giving Birth to Pavlik, I bought the Church a book about the feelings of an embryo when a woman makes an abortion. I cried for three days…” – said the actress.

Boris korchevnikov turned to Marina Suginoi. “Excuse me, do I understand correctly that at that time you were already pregnant by Oleg Pavlovich?” asked lead, to which the artist replied in the affirmative.

“I don’t know what greater sin is to break the life of another person you love or to go to the deliberate termination of pregnancy. I don’t know what greater sin. Consider that the decision about the abortion – it was my decision. You know, we both regret… Yes, he knew that I was coming. But it is not necessary to dramatize, it was my decision. It was no one’s fault. Was my fault, that’s all. I don’t remember what he said, and don’t want to remember. I forgot, and I have two children,” said Zudin.
Марина Зудина жалеет об аборте от Олега Табакова

The woman emphasized that people grow and learn from their mistakes. “For me the world turned upside down when I read this book. We are not born saints, and the main thing is that you have the ability to repent and admit guilt. It is important to learn to say, “I’m Sorry,” said the actress.

During the conversation with the YouTube Koschevnikovi Marina Zudina also spoke about how her relationship with Oleg Tabakov has changed after the appearance of the heirs.

Марина Зудина жалеет об аборте от Олега Табакова“Children tested for durability. The most difficult time in our relationship was when we with Oleg Pavlovich children were born. This is a very strong test. And only with a very great love and strong desire to be with each other people pass this test” – shared the actress.