Marina Zudina intervened in the scandal over Vladimir Mashkov

Марина Зудина вмешалась в разгоревшийся скандал с Владимиром Машковым
The actress explained why supports the decision of the actor.

Vladimir Mashkov

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS

Few people expected that after the change of government at the College of Oleg Tabakova will all remain unchanged. Vladimir Mashkov, recently took the post of artistic Director not only Thoth, but also schools, founded by the master in 2009, has initiated the first reforms, which caused a storm of indignation of the public.

The fact that Mashkov this year canceled the set of entrants in educational institution. June 25 was supposed to start Moscow tours entrance exams. Previously, there were selected 100 people from the regions, some of them, by the way, was selected after a personal meeting with Oleg Pavlovich.

Vladimir Mashkov its decision argued as follows: “Always in the final of a long selection of guys in College personally recruited Oleg Tabakov. His decision was decisive and the last. But, unfortunately, the guys who started to pass the selection in November, for obvious sad reasons will not be able to receive the guidance of my teacher. I, as a new artistic Director, these guys have not seen. In this situation is to give somebody preference, to decide someone’s fate, it would be highly irresponsible. Now I need to carefully understand all that is happening in the College. It is clear now that, without Oleg Pavlovich require changes and adaptation of the educational process. Now dial the new course without a clear understanding of the future prospects will be simple formality!”

The decision Mashkov has caused unrest in the ranks of the entrants — there were rumors that actor, they say, the pace will easily destroy what so painstakingly created TOBACCOS. Marina Zudina, which was dedicated in the plans of Oleg Pavlovich came to the defense of Vladimir. According to the widow, mater many times raised the issue that recruitment in the College was not held every year. Moreover, he also wanted to reduce the duration of training from four to two years. The commentary Suginoi NSN, tobacco was of the opinion that the meaning of education in College was that in order to continue in the Institute.