Marina Yudashkin : “Valentine doesn’t Have time to be sick”

Марина Юдашкина : «У Валентина нет времени болеть» Wife Russian couturier commented on his current state of health. At the last fashion Week in Paris, the designer was unable to attend for health reasons. But now he is much better.

      Марина Юдашкина : «У Валентина нет времени болеть»

      Valentin Yudashkin could not come to Paris to show his own collection. For organizing fashion shows answered wife Marina and daughter Galina. They went to the French capital, where on 4 October in the hotel Westin presented the work of the fashion house. Marina Yudashkin about the health of her husband: “it All happened suddenly”

      The gathered audience praised the work of Valentin Yudashkin. He greeted the guests in the video. Because of the surgery on the kidneys, the designer was forced to stay in Moscow. “StarHit” contacted his wife Valentina, who spoke about the state of the spouse.

      “Valentin Abramovich feels good, much better than before the show in Paris. He is very satisfied with the results of the French Fashion Week. He has no time to be sick, because soon the show in Moscow. He will present his collection here. So, we’re fine!” – said Marina Yudashkin.

      Prior to his trip to Paris Valentin Abramovich shared with subscribers in Instagram with shots of the preparation for the French show. Followers wish good luck to Russian designer and was hoping to see him at the presentation. Guests of the fashion event were disappointed that the Maestro was not able to attend but praised the new couturier. Marina and Galina Yudashkin has made every effort to show went great, and attended the catwalk appreciated the efforts of the Russian fashion designer.

      Netizens who follow the family life of the designer, was inspired by his last collection. Many members thanked the designer for his commitment to the classical forms. Some noted that the outfits differed from those presented to his colleagues on the shop floor. Critics also did not stint and expressed his admiration.

      “I love it!”, “Stunning outfits. Left the show amazed!”, “Valentine is the best, his work made a splash on everyone who came!” – shared his opinion followers in Instagram.

      By the way, October 18, will be showing the collection spring-summer 2017 Yudashkin at the fashion Week in Moscow. Valentin Abramovich is preparing for this event. Clearly, many fans would like to see the designer at the event. The optimism of the family of fashion designer gives us hope that it would happen in the near future. In turn, Internet users remains content with photos and videos that are published in social networks with the Paris fashion shows.