Marina Yudashkin for the first time about the grandson: “the Boy is very well mannered and quiet”

Марина Юдашкина впервые о внуке: «Мальчик очень воспитанный и спокойный» The wife of the fashion designer shared his impressions of the role of the grandmother. Not so long ago the daughter of Valentina and Marina Yudashkina gave them their first grandchild. Little Anatoly with his parents, grandmother and grandfather while in America, but soon will be in Russia.

      Марина Юдашкина впервые о внуке: «Мальчик очень воспитанный и спокойный»

      Very soon the family of fashion designer returns home from new York. And while Valentin and Marina Yudashkina devote all my time to her grandson Anatolia – April 5, their daughter Galya for the first time became a mother. “My husband really likes the new role: to baby, walk the baby, change diapers, says “StarHit” Marina Yudashkin. – The boy is very well mannered, calm: no reason, no screaming, no crying. Bought our Anatoly Petrovich lot of dowry: diaper, Romper, suits, so you in all its glory out. Friends gave for growth jacket Burberry. But while trimming the baby in simple heresnye vests – he always spoils everything, so expensive things still out of place. Stroller for walks husband brought from Moscow, when it turned out that we were staying here”.

      The choice of Valentine’s fell on a Silver Cross worth about 30 thousand rubles. As it turned out, births in America were to Gali unplanned. She flew to new York on business with my friend Lele. “Daughter had to get to the doctor for a scheduled appointment, friends advised us clinic Mount Sinai Hospital – continues Marina. The doctor said to go back on such a period is impossible. I had to stay, even though we planned that all will happen in Russia, have already chosen the Clinic in Lapino. The family Council decided that grandson is sure to be a Russian citizen, though born in America. To baptize Tolochko also will be in Moscow”.

      Марина Юдашкина впервые о внуке: «Мальчик очень воспитанный и спокойный»

      Now happy family spends time in the States, where you select on the first walk with a little him all the time. Not so long ago a picture of Galina Yudashkina on which it walks with a pram in new York, created a furor. The heiress to the famous surname looks peaceful and happy. On all the photos that publish Galya and her husband Peter, parents, young and smiling with undisguised tenderness looking at the baby in the stroller.

      By the way, the daughter of a couturier made it clear that he plans soon to return to the previous form. Newly mommy has already started the sport, however, in the moderate mode, because doctors do not recommend breastfeeding to exhaust the body with exercise. Galina Yudashkin admitted that he engaged in such a way as not to harm neither myself nor the child.

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