Marina Shimanskaya spoke for the first time about the tragic death of Elena Maiorova

Марина Шиманская впервые высказалась о трагической гибели Елены Майоровой The actress recalled how literally felt friend was no longer alive. According to Shimanski, which communicated with Maiorova almost every day, she began to cry precisely at the moment when the friend died.
Марина Шиманская впервые высказалась о трагической гибели Елены Майоровой

Actress Marina Shimanskaya, remembered the Russian viewers of the paintings to “Protect women” and “34 er” for many years lived in Spain, where he teaches acting. The woman moved abroad with her husband in 1992. Despite this, the artist traveled a lot to Russia for work. She tried also not to forget close friends and had regular contact with them by phone.

Many years Shimanskaya was friends with the actress Elena Maiorova. According to the movie star, they talked a lot, discussed the events that occurred in the life of each of them. In may before my birthday Maiorova Szymanowski flew to Moscow.

“I called Lena twice a day, buying these coupons. I would not fly her birthday. She may 30, I’m late already was in Moscow, not to be late…Then still wrote letters,” said the actress in an interview to the program “Alone with all”.
Марина Шиманская впервые высказалась о трагической гибели Елены Майоровой

Yulia Menshova reminded shimanskiy the events of August 23, 1997. Mayorova died under strange circumstances, having received serious burns. On this day her friend was with the children in Moscow. The program host said, did Marina friend during a visit to the capital.

“We couldn’t meet that day. She said she was sick. Said she had a sore throat, and I was with the kids… Actually, I did not give any interviews on Leno, ever. It’s just a fact, not an assumption. I told her to go tomorrow and she said, “Like tomorrow?” We went with the kids to buy gifts… I Bought the game for Sasha, Ola. We went outside and I began to cry very much. I don’t know why. And then I found out that at this moment she died. Of course, I’m not gone. They left without me,” confessed Marina.

According to Shimanski, everyone knew that Lena needed help. “We are all sorry when a person leaves, because we understand probably had something to do, if someone said that it should be done… And if people chose some his way, he will find how to get around your,” explained Marina.

We will remind, Elena Mayorova died because of an accident. Woman gargle with kerosene and put on their clothes. According to some, then she was Smoking and dropped a match on the dress, standing in the stairwell in the apartment building. Things caught fire, the actress ran to the service entrance of the theater Mossovet, which was near, and lost consciousness. With burns to 85 percent of her body was taken to the Institute Sklifosovsky, but to save the woman failed.