Marina Shimanskaya spoke about the departure of her husband to best friend

Марина Шиманская рассказала об уходе мужа к лучшей подруге Three years ago, the famous actress broke up the family. Despite the fact that the couple had lived together 35 years, they are unable to maintain love. Marina Shimanskaya was very worried because of the gap, however, does not blame either the chosen one or my best friend who chose her boyfriend.

      Марина Шиманская рассказала об уходе мужа к лучшей подруге

      Actress Marina Shimanskaya became known throughout the country thanks to starring in the film “take care of women.” Despite the fact that after the release of this film in 1981, the actress continued to make films in the early ‘ 90s, she ceases to appear on the screen. Marina Shimanskaya, after she married the actor and Director of Algisa of Arlauskas, she moved with her family to Spain. Three years ago, the husband of Marina of Mechislavovna left to best friend of his wife. For a long time she did not give interviews, but his birthday has arrived to Moscow in the program “Let them talk” to talk about the blows of fate.

      “Apparently, he went to the woman he loved. Maybe he’s loved her for a long time. Well,” – said the famous Soviet actress Andrei Malakhov.
      Марина Шиманская рассказала об уходе мужа к лучшей подруге

      Despite the fact that the couple lived together for 35 years, raised two children, Olga and Alexander, they had failed to keep the family hearth. Marina Mechislavovna said that all the forces tried to save the marriage turned to a psychologist. However, the verdict of a specialist to comfort her heartache – he said she and her husband long have different goals in life. Shimanskaya painfully perceived the departure of her husband to another woman.

      “All disappeared. And no other thoughts, except that he left. It ended up that I actually stopped to get out of the house. And it’s such a terrible moment when you live your life and realize that she’s dead,” said Shimanskaya.

      Experts who gathered at the programme, advised the actress to come more often to his homeland. Quite possibly, it is here that she meets his new love. However, despite the fact that it took a long time after the break up, the actress still can’t let go of the situation and has only one dream – to regain peace of mind.

      Algis admitted that he wanted to see his wife happy, and when I noticed that it is not, decided to leave.

      “It so happened that cohabitation is impossible. We are not divorced yet, by the way. After the divorce the right thing – to say that was good,” commented the ex-husband of the actress.

      Despite the fact that a friend of Shimanski stole her husband from her family, the actress is not holding that against her. However, she was looking for a way to forget the difficult situation.

      “Wine has become as the norm. Sometimes drinking. Algis, the daughter left, did not work. To go to a bar and drink one glass of liqueur has become the norm. And then two, three…” – admitted the actress.