Marina Mexico shocked the consequences of the second surgery on the nose

Марина Мексика шокировала последствиями второй операции на нос
In December 2016, ex-member of the project Dom-2 Marina Cherkasova, better known as Mexico, has shared the first pictures of the operation to change the shape of the nose.

Марина Мексика шокировала последствиями второй операции на нос

But it turned out that this was not enough, and in December 2017 Marina again went under the surgeon’s knife. There were several reasons – the nose Mexico needs a full reconstruction of the nasal skeleton, and the real photo secular correspondents was clear that in fact, the nose far from being dreamed about the brunette.

Марина Мексика шокировала последствиями второй операции на нос

In the end, 15 December the operation was carried out, from which departs the Marina to this day. Process and photographs of the girl, as usual, shared on Instagram:

“It’s finally happened. December 15 was a very complicated six-hour, full reconstruction of nasal skeleton – made rib autogramm ( native transplant patients). That is, the doctor took part of my own cartilage and used it to create a frame for the nose‼ this Tertiary rhinoplasty,or rather (structural rhinoseptoplasty)! Conducted by one of the best plastic surgeons and ENT specialist Dr. Morozov Sergey Viktorovich @sergei_v_morozov, @morozov_plastica.

The operation consisted of two parts:

– septoplasty (ENT surgery) – finally I returned to normal breathing and eliminated all the consequences of unsuccessful previous operations.

rhinoplasty (aesthetic surgery)‼this produced by:

– the narrowing and raising of the nose, removing a v-shaped deformation of the nose. elongation, increase projection, improve symmetry and delineated the tip of the nose, fixed the retraction of the nostrils.

I don’t have enough words to Express my gratitude to Dr. Morozov S. V. (@sergei_v_morozov) for your Golden hands,because you took up such difficult and responsible work. God forbid such surgeons as you on earth will be longer…”

Марина Мексика шокировала последствиями второй операции на нос

But on the TV show Dom-2 Marina appeared with a very strange face that fans got scared that it would take another, the third, operation.

In fact, it was very well camouflaged bandage. So we will wait for complete results and now we offer to remember as it was Marina Mexico before surgery for breast augmentation, lip augmentation, narrowing at the cheekbones and rhinoplasty…

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