Marina Kravets has shared effective remedy for cellulite

Марина Кравец поделилась эффективным средством от целлюлита
Constant participant of Comedy Club on TNT said how she manages to keep in shape.

Марина Кравец поделилась эффективным средством от целлюлита

Marina Kravets

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Actress and radio presenter Marina Kravets said that to maintain perfect physical shape she adheres to the diet and a little sports. “The basic principle is the corrected nutrition: more vegetables, fruits and
after eight ideally — only buttermilk — shared with star. — Since I, sometimes, fall into two
night, I impossible not to eat after six. Frankly, I do not believe in
the effect of this rule. It is a great stress for the body, and hence,
then pick up the extra faster. I try not to eat four hours before bedtime”.

Marina every day doing simple exercises with a Hoop, with a rolling pin. Also, the star attends training in Thai Boxing, but irregularly. “As a child in
volleyball their whole day playing on the beach: do not notice how lose weight,
plus sunbathe, ” says Kravets. — I like the activity where the weight goes
unnoticed. Want to try crossfit — a combination of strength exercises
this kind of game… But not sure I can tolerate over a
tight control”.

Cellulite remedy from Marina Kravets

Cellulite remedy from Marina Kravets


“Mix up blue clay powder (100 g) and the thick sleep from natural
coffee (100 g), dilute them with warm water until the consistency of thick
sour cream. To enhance the heating of the skin, add a teaspoon of powder
red pepper. Brush all over with a mixture of the problem areas and wrap them in food
film. Wear warm pants and try like this to do
exercise, dance. After half an hour remove the wrap, rinse off composition
warm water and carefully wipe your body with a rough towel. Massage
skin using anti-cellulite cream. The greatest effect is achieved
before wrapping if you have visited bath, the steam out the skin and walked on
it scrub”.

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