Марина Ким хвастается постройневшим телом в Сен-Тропе The presenter went to a luxury resort. Marina Kim in early July became a mother for the second time. The celebrity said that already back in Dobermann form and backed up his words with fotodokazatelstvo.

      In early July, a popular TV presenter Marina Kim became a mother for the second time. Despite the fact that the child is already two months old, the celebrity is in no hurry to tell beloved Chad. Still fans don’t know the sex and name the baby. Microblog TV presenter filled with pictures from vacation and only occasionally she posts photos of her daughter’s Briana with a two-month child in a stroller.

      Birth Marina was held in the United States. After birth the baby Marina some time, I decided to spend abroad and only recently returned to Moscow. In Russia, however, the presenter did not stay long and flew away to the Cote d’azur. Now the mother of two children spending time on popular among many celebrities resorts in Saint-Tropez and Monte Carlo. Kim quickly came into shape after giving birth, and therefore is not shy to pose in a swimsuit.

      “Get into doberemosya size and extend their summer – priceless! All a good beginning of the week!”, – shared the happy news that Marina.

      Fans of the TV presenter was struck by the fact that she looks flawless, despite the fact that in early July, again became a mother. They were glad that a woman having a wonderful time and manages not only to educate their heirs, but also to devote time to yourself. In the most prestigious resorts Marina is riding on a boat and a water scooter and swimming and sunning on the beach. “Oh, Yes! To squeeze into their old clothes after giving birth is happiness. Know”, “I Envy your great figure! Also want to do sports!”, “Beauty!”, – do not hold back their emotions and exclamations of admiring followers Kim.

      Marina is not often devotes subscribers in the secrets of his personal life. Leading First channel reported, took Lee with her two children. Apparently, the woman is enjoying the holidays and not thinking about everyday problems. Marina admitted that it did not intend to leave work for child-rearing. She talked about the fact that there can be just a mother, she intends to continue to implement career ambitions in television.

      Fans are still wondering who is the lover of Marina, which she has recently given birth. The name of the father daughter Briana TV presenter also said.