Марина Ким впервые после родов демонстрирует фигуру в бикини TV presenter bravely undresses on the beach in Miami. Form of Marina Kim, which at the beginning of July has become a mother for the second time, flawless. Star posing in a swimsuit, knowing that she has nothing to be ashamed of and have something to show. Fans argue that a young mother can be mistaken for a top model.

      TV presenter Marina Kim, of course, is among the celebrity moms who know the secrets of quick return to form after the baby is born. Bear and win: how 10 famous mom returned to a perfect body

      33-year-old Marina Kim became a mom in less than two months ago, bravely undresses on the beach, showing off a thin waist and flat stomach. Celebrity has published in the microblog picture, which clearly shows her beautiful figure. Young mother posing against the backdrop of the ocean, her gorgeous dark hair loose and flowing over her shoulders. Fans of Marina Kim unanimous – TV presenter rather be mistaken for a top model, posing for a glossy magazine than a woman who recently went pregnant. Subscribers will Marina Kim is not only doing her compliments, but asked to tell how she was able to quickly get in shape.

      “You look great! I have still not recovered the black stripe on belly, “Tell me how you are so quickly removed the belly after birth?”, “A great figure”, “You are so beautiful!”, “You remind me of a top model, the photo you have impressive!”, “You look lovely, Marina!”, comment the fans of the Kim in a swimsuit.

      To questions about how she brought herself to a form that the presenter has not responded yet. But the most loyal fans of the Marina, watching her life on Instagram know that she is fond of yoga. And already started training.

      Recall that in these days of Marina Kim is in the USA, in Miami, where she arrived a few weeks before the birth. Heir to the stars came to light in one of the clinics of this city. In addition to recently born to his parents, Marina and Kim have a two year old daughter briana.

      Apparently, the Marina is not going to inform the public of their privacy. For many it remains a mystery who is the father of her eldest daughter, whom she brings up alone. This time the TV star also does not cover about your man. Not reported Kim while fans and the sex of the baby, who will soon turn two months.

      Despite the fact that the TV presenter has two young children, she is not going to quit my job. Marina hopes to be able to successfully combine the care of heirs and work on television. Moreover, it has been acknowledged that it is not enough to just be a mother – she’s not ready to fully dedicate himself to the family.

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