Марина Ким блеснула на первой вечеринке после родов TV presenter surprised fans slim figure. Marina Kim called for a social event, which took place on the day of her birth. A month ago, a woman became a mother for the second time and devoted himself entirely to the care of children.

      A month ago, a popular TV presenter Marina Kim became a mother for the second time. Immediately after birth, Marina was quick to return to his old form than he delighted all his fans. After the birth of a second child presenter devoted himself entirely to the care of children. All the pictures that the celebrity has put on her microblog, have been made or at home or on walks with the kids.

      Marina Kim has decided that it is time to return to normal for her way of life – to go out and attend various events. Now a mother with two children is located in Miami. The presenter flashed at the party on the occasion of the resignation of the UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon. Coincided on 11 August, the TV presenter celebrates his birthday, but because for women this evening was special.

      For the first release of the Marina chose a short fitted dress that emphasizes the benefit of her beautiful figure. Fans could not fail to note that the mother of two children looks great. Apparently, the party was a success, and Marina spent the time well. The woman managed to get acquainted with legendary journalist Larry king, and make a selfie with ban Ki-moon.

      “The birthday has come true my secret dreams! All – happiness and peaceful sky over your head!” – shared joy Kim.

      Also his birthday Marina spent time not only to the party, but in the circle of family and friends. She gathered the relatives together to celebrate the important date and also to pamper yourself with homemade dumplings and Korean salads.

      Photo published by Marina Kim (@marina_kim_tv) Aug 10 2016 11:15 PDT

      Despite the fact that Marina gave birth to her second child just over a month ago, it is still not declassified his name. Fans are still wondering what sex the baby is, because even with this information, the presenter felt it necessary not to disclose. Also a mystery to the public remains the question, who is the father of the child.

      Apparently, the Marina is to take the time to go back to work, people and stays with the kids. All the fans were happy that the mother devotes time to the care of children and not to deprive of the attention the eldest daughter brianna. With the girl they are walking around the city, go to amusement parks and cafes.

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