Марина Ким познакомила поклонников с новорожденным малышом TV presenter published a photo of the child. On pictures Marina Kim glows with happiness, holding a baby surrounded by loved ones. However, the journalist tries to keep his personal life in mystery so that even does not report the gender and name of Chad.

      Марина Ким познакомила поклонников с новорожденным малышом

      On Sunday afternoon it became known that TV presenter Marina Kim became a mother for the second time. Newborn baby born in a clinic in Miami in the late evening on Saturday. Despite the fact that Marina tries to keep in strict secrecy the gender and name of his child, she still decided to share my happiness with others and has published the first pictures of discharge from the hospital. TV presenter Marina Kim gave birth to her second child

      In the photos you can clearly see that the presenter just shines with happiness. She touchingly holds a newborn baby chose a set of clothes in white, so no one would know about the field. Family life Kim prefers to keep in the strictest confidence. The presenter gave his eldest daughter briana has a brother or sister. The fact that in the early period of pregnancy the Marina said that she had a boy and then the ultrasound showed that the presenter is waiting for the same girl. Briana also went to the USA together with her mother and, despite the fact that the child was born just a couple of days ago, the girl had already become acquainted with the new family member.

      Марина Ким познакомила поклонников с новорожденным малышом

      That the family of the presenter will be born another child, Marina had learned in the fourth month of pregnancy. At that time the journalist had participated in a rather extreme TV show “Without a net”. Kim was very nervous, which is pretty intense exercise might harm her future baby, so refused to participate in a large-scale project.

      Марина Ким познакомила поклонников с новорожденным малышом

      Apparently, the Marina is not going to inform the public of their privacy. For many it remains a mystery who is the father of her eldest daughter, whom she brings up alone. This time the TV star also does not cover about your man. Despite the fact that now Kim will have to care for a newborn baby, she is not going to quit my job. Marina hopes to be able to successfully combine caring for two of the heirs and to work on television. Moreover, she admitted that she’s not enough to just be a mother – she’s not ready to fully dedicate himself to the family.

      “Motherhood is a huge work, so, honestly, I don’t know how to work my mother frankly said Marina in an interview. – To make me happy not to be a mother, it is important to be professionally useful.”

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