Марина Ким похвасталась стройной фигурой всего через месяц после родов
Family TV presenter celebrated the first holiday of a baby.

Marina Kim

Photo: @Instagram marina_kim_tv Marina Kim

On the days Marina Kim held a joyous occasion: her second child turned one month. On the occasion of this event, the TV presenter posted a touching a photo with the birthday boy. Unfortunately, the presenter still hides and gender, and the name and even the face of the baby.

But its noticeable postroynevshaya figure Marina does not hide, but rather takes pride in its subscribers. Judging by the photos, in just a month she was able to almost completely deal with typed during the pregnancy pounds. In the struggle with excess weight to help her principles of healthy eating. Not so long ago she published a picture made at the restaurant, which specializiruetsya on plant foods. This is probably a favorite place for Kim for dinner, so the process of losing weight is moving at a frisky pace.

Incidentally, the Marina is still in Miami, where in one of the local elite clinics has born a child Kim. By the way, the TV presenter chose a clinic that is not there by accident. As with the Marina to give birth” came her family, including two — year-old daughter, briana, for Kim it was important to her eldest child had a good time in America. According to the presenter, Miami for this there are all conditions. While briana was waiting for the birth of a brother or sister, she had the opportunity to swim and sunbathe on the beach, and visit the children’s amusement parks.

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