Марина Хлебникова заработает на любительских снимках Star 90 creates a project related to photography and visual arts. Marina Hlebnikova has a team of people who, like herself, would have been keen on the idea of processing of Amateur pictures in the style of masterpieces of world art.

      Марина Хлебникова заработает на любительских снимках

      Despite the crisis that has affected almost all representatives of show business, many celebrities are finding new ways to earn and very successfully do business. Not an exception and Marina Khlebnikova. The singer tried himself in new directions, wrote poems, and led television and radio – in a word, was always open to something new. This time the star of the 90s he founded his own business project. In an interview with “StarHit” the singer of the hit “Cup of coffee” explained that opens its own Bank, which will be a kind of analogue of the popular applications Prisma.

      “The idea came in April of this year, – says Marina “StarHit”. – People of any age can send in their pictures of which photo editors will do these artistic pictures.”

      From everyone who wants to participate in a creative endeavor Khlebnikov will need a total of 30 shots. Artists will select from them only a few and processed in accordance with the best traditions of fine art. The artist are very optimistic because I believe: the project can gain popularity among people of different generations.

      “My idea was supported by the photographer Michael Makarenko,” continues Marina. – Mike professional: it can make a great portrait shots – and without any makeup. I think any person that falls under the scope of his camera, is always impressed by his work. Not offered yet, but really want to work with Aslan by ahmedovym. Still the team would like to invite outstanding photographer Olga Fomin!”

      The idea Khlebnikova, treated by artists of the images can be spread in social networks. Marina believes that her photographs will stand out favorably compared to other frames, filling the tape.

      “Many artists put on their shots a ton of photoshop, – says the singer. – This is not art photography. Here, for example, my favorite actress Sharon stone in my 58 years have never tried to cover up and correct facial wrinkles, freckles, snub or up nose. At its shortcomings Sharon is always charming.”

      Interestingly, the singer page on “instagrame” does not. Marina believes that outsiders do not necessarily know about what is happening in her daily life, therefore, is in no hurry to publicly display photos taken on the phone.

      “I don’t like to show his family, to demonstrate walking, leisure… In all our time looking at the number of likes. Sad, but thumbs are still artists coming out of shops with bags or spread their Nude bodies – reflects Khlebnikov. – But isn’t it beautiful? In the world I want to show you how to be a beautiful woman, for example, on a rainy day…”

      A new photo project Marina Khlebnikova plans to launch next year, and while she’s typing and to consider all the details to further her business could compete with other, no less significant sites.

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