Марина Федункив планирует усыновить «особенного» малыша The actress understands that she will have to give up a lot for motherhood. Marina Fedunkiv recently said about the separation with her husband Michael. They lived together for 13 years, but never became parents.
Марина Федункив планирует усыновить «особенного» малыша

The star of the series “Real boys” and humorous show Comedy Woman Marina Fedunkiv said recently that broke up with her husband Michael. The couple never had children together, but the actress always wanted to feel the joy of motherhood. 44-year-old actress is thinking about how to take a child from the orphanage. Once Marina worked in a similar establishment, and therefore understand how these guys need a home. However, she understands the responsibilities associated with such step, and therefore tries to weigh and consider.

“I would like to adopt a “sun” child. Healthy children all they want, but because everyone has the right to happiness. You know, to take the child now, the more “sun” child who needs constant care and affection – it means to finish my career in the same moment. For the record I do not want to, here’s a little old and think about this question seriously,” the actress confessed.

Fedunkiw said that one of the reasons for separation from spouse became extinct feelings. She thinks it is wrong to tolerate each other only in order to create the illusion of a happy marriage. Maria is actively involved in various projects and does not deny that permanent employment has also become one of the causes of the gap. The environment of Marina Fedunkiv secrets of her past

“After a breakup felt only relief, because we have tolerated each other. This is wrong. They say, love goes always, remains a habit. Perhaps it is, I guess, so we still communicate with her husband – says the artist. – In fact, I believe that it takes passion, but love must remain. I’m not 90 years to live, I don’t understand these relationships where people live and suffer, especially when there are children. For what?”

Marina is glad that she was able to leave with Michael, peacefully and without scandal. They lived together for 13 years. Fedunkiw said the publication of “Antenna-Telesem” that continues to maintain good relations with the former spouse.

“When the senses themselves are becoming obsolete, why continue to exist together? Moreover, to exist I don’t like, I love to live… We parted on a good note, without scandals and accusations. However, it was with my first husband, and I all parted peacefully, as you know. Wish you all happy holidays, help if needed.