Марина Тристановна заступилась за своего избранника
Marina Christianovna of the TV project “Dom-2” has recently started Dating businessman Alexander.

Марина Тристановна заступилась за своего избранника

The pair traveled together on vacation, but the fans believe in the selfish interests of men. Network users send Marina Tristanne message that she better looked after him.

Марина Тристановна заступилась за своего избранника

“Very disappointed with all sorts of groups that publish lies about Alexander. I understand that gossip and dirty PR hyping their sites! I think that these people have mind enough, of course, something more, but chose to become stars, to write lies and absolute slander. After all, they understand that it is only interested in the bulk. What you don’t taint the honor and dignity of normal people for their own benefit?!

Convinced that this pattern of behavior will ruin the country, gentlemen! Call and ask each of you not to overreact. Know the measure in everything! I would understand if you wrote about me! I am the person the media and suffering lies in his address. It was my choice. But I don’t want Sasha became a victim of my popularity. My Sasha is a very generous and kind-hearted man” – protested these accusations, woman.

Recall that on a reality show Marina Christianovna helps daughter and her husband with the upbringing of the long-awaited granddaughter Betty.

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